About Dave Gunning…

At the age of 14,  artist Dave Gunning’s work was accepted into the royal academy. He has work in major collections all over the world and for the last 15 year has had his own Gallery that is run by his daughters in Ironbridge where he permanently exhibits his own work.

dave gunning standing by his work

Dave Gunning has been described as prolific by one of the curators at the place of Westminster and many others. Here is a list of some of his shows:

Here are a few…

  • The Contemporary Art gallery,  London.
  • Shropshire fine arts 2005 to present day.
  • Devizes Museum and Art Gallery,
  • Birmingham Art Gallery,
  • Dudley Art Centre,
  • Stafford Museum and Art Gallery,
  • Aberdeen Arts Centre,
  • Midlands Contemporary Private Gallery,
  • Bilston Art Gallery,
  • Walsall Art Gallery,
  • The Great Barn Museum at  Avebury,
  • Salisbury Museum,
  • Bristol Museum and Art Gallery,
  • Falmouth Museum and Art Gallery ,
  • CheltenhamMuseum and Art Gallery,
  • Penarth Private Gallery,
  • Washington Gallery,
  • RBSA,
  • Arts Expo Javitz Centre New York,
  • Ironbridge Fine Arts,

Works in The Royal Collection,

  • The Palace  of Westminster,
  • The National Museum of Wales,
  • Devizes Museum,
  • Wolverhampton Art Gallery,
  • Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery,
  • Walsall New Gallery,
  • Dudley Art Gallery,
  • Bilston Art Gallery,
  • Stafford Art Gallery,
  • Salisbury Museum,
  • Bristol Museum Art Gallery,
  • Woodspring Museum,

A few major commissions to mention – 

  • The Museum Authority of Southwest commissioned Dave to draw all the leading ancient sites in the south west of England.
  • The  Museum of Wales commissioned Dave to draw all the leading sites in Wales.
  • The Palace of Westminster commissioned Dave to draw three large bronze age monuments to permanently hang in the Palace.
  • Devizes Museum commissioned Dave to draw monuments in South Korea. Plus many more private commissions

A few publications to mention –

  • Art in Parliament, The Permanent collection of the House of commons.
  • Art in Wiltshire. Art and Artists.

A few official purchases to mention –

  • Palace of Westminster,
  • Devizes Museum,
  • Wolverhampton Art Gallery,
  • National Museum of Wales,

Principle works that the artist produced and continues to produce are thousands of large expressive drawings, many thousands of etchings ranging from small to extremely large to even larger plates that were exhibited as artwork in their own right. The artist also produced and continues to produce many hundreds of oil paintings.




Creator of the Gunning Etching press