Dave’s Exhibitions

Dave has his work in many private and municipal collections. 

Here are some of the most prestigious:

Her Majesty the Queen’s Royal Collection.


Viscount Windsor

The Palace of Westminster. London

National Museum of Wales. Cardiff

Birmingham Art Gallery & Museum

Wolverhampton & Bilston Art Galleries & Museums

Dudley Art Gallery

Stafford Art Gallery

Walsall New Gallery

Salisbury Museum

Devizes Museum

Bristol Museum & Art Gallerydave gunning standing by his work

Taunton Museum & Art gallery

Cheltenham Museum & Art Gallery

Tokyo University Collection

Fidelity Investments Boston USA

Cootes the Bankers London

Hyatt Hotels

Born in Bilston West Midlands 1954

Wolverhampton Foundation College 1972-1973

Liverpool Art College Three Year BA Honors Degree 1974-1977

Birmingham Art College Post Graduate Certificate in Art Education

Dates and Places :

dave gunning Bilston Exhibition 079







1965 Winner Brook Bond National Children’s Art Competition

1969 Exhibitor Royal Academy London Children’s Art National Competition which toured the country

1970 Exhibited at Midlands 25 Cannon Hill Birmingham

1975 Four Man Show at Adelphi Hotel Liverpool

1976 Four Man Show Newtown Art gallery Mid Wales

1982 First one Man Show Bilston Art Gallery

1982 One Man Show Tettenhall Gallery

1983 One Man Show Dudley Art Gallery

1984 Exhibited in Drawing the Line exhibition at Silk Top Hat Gallery Ludlow Shropshire

1984 International Five Man Show at Silk Top Hat Gallery Ludlow Shropshire

1984 Exhibited with the New Artists Group Wolverhampton Art Gallery

1984 One Man Show Walsall Art Gallery

1984 One Man Show

Dragon Art Gallery Newport,  Shropshire

dave gunning Bilston Exhibition 077








1985 Two Man Show Stafford Art Gallery

1985 One Man Show Devizes Museum Wiltshire

1986 Major Commission ** The Area Museum for the South west of England commissioned me to produce ‘on site’ works at all the leading ancient sites from the Scillies in the West to Stonehenge in the east. The commission took two years to put together and toured the west country for eighteen months.

The archaeologist Aubrey Burl wrote the text to accompany the works created which toured the following place- Truro, Bristol ,Falmouth, Devizes, Taunton, Cheltenham, Salisbury and Woodspring Museum Weston-Super Mare.

1987 One Man Show Wolverhampton Art Gallery called Stonelines. This was a massive exhibition showing over eighty works.

1987 Commission** in co-operation with National Museum of Wales to work ‘on site’ at all their leading ancient sites. Took two years, over ninety works were made. They never toured as intended due to lack of resource from the Welsh Museum system. National Museum saved the day by purchasing several for their permanent collection. All this work to date has not been seen in Wales.

1988 Mixed show Auther Anderson Birminghambilston Exhibition of printing pressws and Dave Gunning art work 1

1989 Mixed Show Midland Contemporary Art Birmingham

1989 Mixed Show Long & Ryle International , London WS1

1989 One Man Show IBM Warwick

1989 One Man Show Eagle Works Wolverhampton

1990 One Man Show Midlands Contemporary Art Birmingham

1990 One Man Show The Contemporary Art Gallery 59 Ebury Street London WS1

1990 One Man Show Jane Marler Gallery Ludlow Shropshire

1991 One Man Show Dudley Art Gallery called Cathedrals in Stone monument & Wrens Nest work

1991 Commission To produce a large drawing for the new interpretation CENTRE on Wrens Nest. The

drawing is still in storage in Dudley and Art Gallery Permanent Collection as funding was pulled out for the

project at the last minute. All the drawings made of the limestone mining were never purchased as promised. All very political because of the caverns being ‘in filled’ at the time.

1991 Prize Winner Mid Art- Thompson Prize

1991 Mixed Show Birmingham University

1991 One of the main speakers at ‘Archaeology in Britain 91’at Birmingham University

1992 One Man Show Midlands Contemporary Art Birmingham

1992 One Man Show Devizes Museum Wiltshire

1993 One Man Show Cambridge University Archaeology Department

1994 Commission** Wolverhampton Art Gallery to produce etchings of fossils

1994 One Man Show Wolverhampton Art Gallery linked in with ‘Scratching the Surface’ exhibition a residency with Colton Hills School in Wolverhampton.Fist massive residency combining music, ceramics, sculpture, on ‘site drawing’ over 600 students works were exhibited with 20 of mine.

1995 One Man Show Devizes Museum Wiltshire +Commission** A drawing of Avebury which is on permanent display at the Museum

1995 One Man Show Aberdeen Arts Centre Scotland

1995 One Man Show linked in with Bilston High School Residency called ‘ Changing the Routes’

1996 Commission** for Bilston Art Gallery for their Interpretation/ History Gallery several works showing the changing landscape around the new Black Country Route.

1996 Exhibition ‘ Inside out’ Bilston Art Gallery. An exhibition created from a residency at Featherston prison & Minerva Wharf Probation Service

1996 Selected by ***The Palace of Westminster from 6,000 artists to have work purchased for their

Permanent Collection & *** work selected to go into their book ‘Art in Parliament’ which stamps me as the fine artist recording the ancient monuments today in out British Landscape

1997[Oct]/1998[Feb] One Man Show Salisbury Museum in the old print room ten years of my best etchings

1997 Exhibition Avebury in Art Devizes Museum Wiltshire

1998 One Man Show ‘Shropshire Landscape’ Ludlow Silk Top Hat Gallery Shropshire

1998 One Man Show Devizes Wiltshire Paintings of Wiltshire Landscape +latest monument work

1998 Prizewinner ***The McAlpine Painting Competition Walsall Art Gallery and Museum

1999 Commission *** Walsall New Gallery to make a large etching reflecting the construction of the New Gallery

1999 Mixed exhibition Castles Devizes Museum Wiltshire

1999 One Man Show Silk Top hat Gallery Ludlow Shropshire

1999 Commission*** Walsall New Art Gallery to make a mixed media work from the gallery roof looking at the West Midland Panorama. The finished work took two months to complete and will be permanently installed into the Interpretation Galley A flip book of me drawing, and an interactive CD Rom makes for exciting listening and looking!

1999 Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery Included in their 20th Century

Contemporary Art Collection show opens 4th December in the Gas-Hall

2000 One man show Washington Gallery Penarth South Wales ‘Gunning in Wales’ landscapes/ancient sites.

2000 CD ROM work done about the Black Country Route as it was built along with other artists who produced sculptures for the route

2000 The Rolf Street Project Black Country Museum Work for the new museum.

2000 One man Show Silk Top hat Gallery Ludlow Shropshire’ Shropshire Landscape’

Presented to Her Royal Majesty the Queen at Walsall New Art Gallery 5th May 2000

2000 One Man Show Stafford Art Gallery[Shire Hall] Panorama from the Shire Hall Roof & latest monument work. End 30 Sept.

2000 Elected Assiciate Member of the Royal Society of Birmingham Artists.

2000/2001 Year of the Artist Award from the British Arts Council to produce a six steel panel etched instillation as a memorial to the workers of the West Midlands. The finished work will be installed in Bilston Craft GalleryWest Midlands. Project happening now until December. The work ended was exhibited here for 18 months instead of three months!

2001 Working in New York.

2001 One Man Show . Top Hat Gallery Ludlow Shropshire.[April]

2001 Working back in Ireland /Northern Stone Circles [April]

2002 Opening of Year of the Artist ’Images of Industry’ Bilston Craft Gallery

2002 New York Arts Expo [March] Steel etched panels, drawings and paintings.

2002 One Man Show Devizes Museum Wiltshire.[June] Many Journeys, Many Megaliths.

2002 One Man Show Silk Top Hat Ludlow, Many Journeys Many Megaliths’

2002 Working in Cyprus drawing the many tombs there.

2002 Working Northern Ireland. Sligo. Carrowmoor Burial Complex.

2003 Exhibiting drawings ,paintings and prints at The Water Hall. Birmingham. Feb

2003 One Man Show Silk Top Hat. Ludlow. Feb/March

2003 Crown Nail Polished steel etched fence project.

2003 Crosby Coatings Steel gates commission.

2003 Group show ‘Earths Teeth’ Sibford. Oxfordshire.

2003 Exhibiting Wine Street Gallery. Devizes .Wiltshire.

2003 Walsall Print Show. ‘Print matters’ Walsall New Gallery. West Midlands. May/June My image used as centre piece for poster invites etc.

2004 Exhibiting Wine Street Gallery. Devizes Wiltshire.

2004 Working out in Korea at Bronze Age dated burial chambers.

2004 Exhibiting Silk Top Hat Gallery. Ludlow Shropshire.

2005 Residency ‘IMAGINE’ Oxford Education. River and Rowing Museum Oxford &Museum of Modern Art

2005 One man show River & Rowing Henley – steel etched plates of Thames Bridge Sections

2005 One Man Show [Touring exhibition]. Devizes Museum. Korean Burial Chamber work. [Nov/Dec]

2006 Working in the French Alps looking at Mt Blanc and surrounding landscape.

2006 Working in Cyprus looking at castles in the north, tombs and settlements.

2006 Residency St Mary’s Junior School, Hempstells Junior School, St Chad’s Junior School and Pye Green Junior School– Creative Partnerships Residencies– Dave worked boys producing drawings, prints and large steel etched sculptures in the four venues.

2006 One Man Show –Ironbridge Waterloo Gallery.

2006 Permanently available in my own Church Hill Gallery Ironbridge.

2007 Catshill Middle School, Bromsgrove, Birmingham Commissioned Dave to create a large outdoor steel etched polished surface sculpture with

2007 Merryfields Special School, Newcastle –Under Lyme commission Dave to create a large steel etched sculpture with pupils there. The finished work is now hanging in the entrance to the school

2007 Commission and Residency Ironbridge Coalbrookdale Infant and Junior School– to develop drawing, and printmaking with the children to help create and design decorative images for steel etched panels . Dave has been commissioned to create four steel constructed arches which will hold 64 acid etched polished steel panels. The archways will create an attractive entrance to the Dale St side of the school. Dave is also making four large steel etched plates which will have images of local industry and landscape. The larges plate will be permanently attached to the fence between the archways.

2007 Two Man Show Gunning & Gunning Waterloo Gallery Ironbridge

2007 October Exhibition of Korean works at the Kangwhagon Festival South Korea.

2007 World Heritage exhibition Organizer and exhibitor. [Sept 2007] Four week exhibition highlighting Ironbridge Artists.

2007 Two Man Show Gunning & Gunning Oaken gates Theatre.[Sept]

2008 Tenbury Wells Project– working with five schools and local community to created seven steel etched panels to be placed throughout Tenbury to lift its profile and create a trail of visual splendor. [March– July]

2010 First Retrospective Exhibition. Devizes Museum Wiltshire. [ July– October] Workshops with local schools at Avebury.

London Gunning & Gunning Show September 10th—17th The Hepsibah Gallery, Hammersmith London.

2011 -1012  Touring show with David Inshaw and Rob Pountney about Thomas Hardy Country. Devizes Museum April,May June 2011. Salisbury Museum June July August 2011. Dorchester Museum January, February March 2012

2011 Retrospective at Bilston Craft Gallery. All my leading works about ancient sites, and industrial landscape over the past thirty years.

2012/13  Working at Tholos tombs on Crete mainland.

“I continue to travel to record as a fine artist the wonderful ancient legacy left for us to wonder at. I also love painting out in Shropshire in all weathers. I have maintained contact with South Korea and intend to travel back there to draw more burial sites on the mainland with the help of Mr Sun Man Kim a great friend who I met whilst working out there in 2005. Lets hope North Korea calms down and things can get back to normal soon.

I have recently travelled to many outstanding ancient sites in the Mediterranean.  As a young boy I visited temples on mainland Greece and Crete. The pull to go back has always been there so the last few years has been exciting re living a dream and actually drawing out there discovering ancient sites forgotten for many many years, Crete has been an inspiration to me. Northern Cyprus has many ancient sites worth looking at and I have been fortunate enough to go there and work. I continue to draw out in the landscape in Wiltshire and the South West and have recently made a series of paintings about Victorian structures to be found in and around the Ironbridge Gorge.

I continue to hand build my printing machines which I love to do. They now sell all over the world, so the dream I had years ago of making printmaking affordable to all artists is working! Etching, drawing painting and making steel etched images combined with press building is a fantastic way to travel through life. Working with my family in our art business makes me so proud.”

Dave Gunning April 2013

“Tholos Tomb Crete Greece” by Dave Gunning BA (Hons)

Recent Events:

2012  June – The Queen accepted 60 more ancient site etchings into the Royal Collection!  A total of 110 prints reside at Windsor now.

2013  ‘Once upon a time in the Midlands’  at Bilston Craft Gallery [25th May -24th August ]showing Black Country works [ ‘on site drawings’] which tours onto Stafford Art Gallery/ Shire Hall Gallery 14th Sept – 27th October].

2014  April/May  Opening of our ‘New Gallery’ in Ironbridge on the Merrythoughts site in the Old Brewery. We will be the biggest  contemporary gallery space in the West Midlands and Shropshire offering changing venues, a state of the art printing studio, conservation framing framing, Giclee printing and rentable studio space for artists. Also new work from the Gunnings, Wow can’t wait!!

2016   Exhibition with David Inshaw and Rob Poutney at Dorchester Museum.




Creator of the Gunning Etching press